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About Me



A short family history...

My father, David, was born in Oadby, and my mother, Mary, in Newcastle-under-Lyme. They met at the youth group at Oadby Baptist Church and married in 1961. 

I have lived in Oadby all of my life, and have only ever lived in 2 houses.

In August 2015 I married Rosie, and have 2 step children, Emily and Ricky.

I have a brother, Paul, who is younger than me. He is married to Julia and they have 2 children, Timothy & Philippa.  They too live in Oadby. 

I became a Christian in 1988, a couple of weeks before my father died. 

My mother re-married in 1992 to Don Marriott, and they enjoy a happy life together, moving from one holiday to the next!  

I own a plot of land in western Scotland which comes with the title of 'Laird of Glenmorrow'. (Map of area where land owned)


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