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My main interest in photography has always been Audio-Visual photography, or Slide-Sound sequences as they were sometimes called in the days before digital...

I have been making these for over 25 years now and have produced a wide variety of sequences from the basic illustration of a piece of music, to more complex documentaries and 'avant-guard' type work.

In 1999 I gained a Credit of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, (CPAGB), for my Audio-Visual work, by submitting two Slide-sound sequences; Oh boy, What a Game  A Legacy for the future.

In common with most other people, I am now producing and projecting sequences digitally.  This has introduced a whole new way of producing sequences. 

I have a varying programme of sequences which I show to various clubs & societies around the area. (Digital sequences only).   If you would like to discuss a booking, then please get in touch.  I also have a few 'travelogue' talks for groups and societies. See the Talks Page.

Please find below details of some of my more successful & favourite sequences. (D) indicates Digital Sequence.

  • "The Pushbike Song";  Using the song of that name, by the Mixtures.  A sequence featuring bikes, shot in Cambridge, and making use of diagonal slide mounts!  My first competition winner.
  • "Jostandalbreen Glacier";  Shot from a 6 seater float plane on a holiday in Norway.  Dramatic shots accompanied by Widor's Toccata.   Always a popular one at shows.
  • "EuroDisney" Shot in it's first year, (before they changed the name).  Accompanied by a variety of Disney tunes.  Again, a popular one at shows.
  • "The G-Nome";  The first 'shot to a script' sequence I made.  Having found a great song, I had to re-record it as it was live, and then shoot the pictures to suit.  I still have the gnome, bought especially for the sequence!  Another trophy winner and popular sequence. (Recently Scanned and digitalised)
  • "Oh boy, what a game";  Take a boy, and Nintendo 'Gameboy', put them together for a day, and you have the basis for an 'obsessive' sequence.  Shot to my script using a friends son as the star.  (My Gameboy batteries were flat when I got it back!)  Part of my CPAGB submission.
  • "A Legacy for the Future";  My first documentary sequence, on the life and work of Beartrix Potter.  Part of my CPAGB submission.
  • "Bridgewater Carnival";  A fast moving sequence using quick fades and effects.  Shot at the largest illuminated carnival in Western Europe.
  • "In Decline";  (D) An evocative sequence, presented in black & white, shot around old slate mining workings at Cwmorthin, North Wales.  Accompanied by traditional Welsh male voice choir.  Winner of Midland Counties Digital AV competition 2004.
  • "Countdown to a group photo"; (D).  1 minute sequence made for a comp. at our club.  Features a group photo assembling over the space of 1 minute. 76 images!
  • "Soaring High"; (D).  Shots taken during a hot air balloon flight over the Peak District in Derbyshire, set to ethereal music by Enya.
  • "Daylight in concert"; (D).  Daylight is a local Christian band whom I have worked with at youth events.  Set to extracts of their songs the shots keep time with the beat of the music.  Another winner.
  • "That's My King"; (D).  A departure in that it uses no 'photography', the images being created on the PC with some faint background images taken from the net.  Features lots of phrases describing Jesus.
  • "YFriday-Revolution"; (D).  Images of the band YFriday in concert singing 'Revolution' accompanied with pictures of world events on the theme of 'Change'
  • "Canary Wharf"; (D).  Images of Canary Wharf, taken by my good friend Martin Janes, set to powerful track from 'Romeo & Juliet'. Won a couple of awards.
  • "Carnevale" (D), Mannequins photographed at the Venice Carnival, held each year in the run up to lent. A riot of colour.
  • "Donna Nook" (D), Located on the North Lincolnshire coast, Donna Nook is one of the largest colonies of Grey Seals in the country.  Photographed in December with the newly born pups.
  • "The Seedsowing Network" (D). Depicting the work of the charity of the same name which runs a school on the edge of a slum in Nairobi, which I have been privileged to visit several times.
  • "Peponi" (D), A Kenyan Experience.  Pictures taken on our trips to kenya, both work & play!
  • "Tommy the Tortoise"; (D) A follow-up sequence to The G-nome. Re-recorded for me by a friend and then photographed in my garden with 2 stone tortoises and some punk hedgehogs! Funny and sad at the same time...
  • "For the Fallen"; The Poppies at the Tower of London in 2014, accompanied by Laurence Binyon's evocative poem.
  • "The Need For Biscuits"; A humerous song by Paul Bell featuring my brother as a biscuit lover. Accompanied by 16 varieties of biscuits!


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